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Name: TPMS car black box GPS Navi
Brand: SUPER
Model:  CBB-GPS6000T
Launch:  2012-4-16
View: 1577
Selling point of product :

2. GPS navigator;
Video recorder ( car black box );
4. GPS data logger;
5. TPMS function

6. Video player
7. Wide lens   ;
8. Free map for some countries ( please contact to confirm if map is available for your country or not if you want map , if you dont contact ,it means that you can accept the product without map included ). Even we have map for you , the map maybe not very latest version for yout city .

Why to use TPMS :

1. Protection in advance:

TPMS directly monitors the Tire's pressure and temperature.when the tire show an abnormal sign,TPMS can Promptly notice the driver to do some corresponding measure to avoid accidents and ensure safety. 

2. Extend the tire's life: when tire's pressure is 10%  value under standard, the tire's lifespan will reduce 15%. with in-time digital display of pressure and temperature index ,TPMS can help driver to keep tire the standard pressure,s o as to extend the tire's life.

3. Save Fuel consumption:when the tire's pressure is 30% below standard,the fuel consumption increase 15%.TPMS can help drive to keep the tire's standard pressure,cut fuel consumption.

4. Protect automobile parts:if driving when the tire is not at the standard pressure(too high or too low),it will bring some abrasion to the engine chassis and suspended system.

5. Guarantee the normally-operating Brake System:if the tire,s pressure is not in balance,it will make the vehicle run deviate in braking,so as to increase the accident risk.

6. Monitor the tire in real time:TPMS can help driver control the tire condition easily at any moment in vehicle,so as to help drive to make right decision,and ensure safety.


Features :

4 in one of car driving record ,GPS Navi ,TPMS and GPS data logger ;
Ultra power saving function , navigations and video can be used simultaneously for up to 4 hours , or only camera up to 8 hours ;
Camera left-right adjustable
One button to initiate DV,one button to take Photo ,one button to start GPS navi and one button to protect iles from lost or overwritten ;
GPS navi and video recording simultaneous function ;
Video player function for movie watching ;

Maintain Normal Tire Pressure in order to reduce the fuel cost and flat tire accident. 
Real Time Battery Voltage Monitoring, in order to prevent the vehicle be break down caused by battery. 
Show 4 Tires information at same time, clear and easy to control.
24hrs real time and be monitored before driving the car. 


Warning with Voice and Lighting simultaneously by green/red light to acknowledge tire normal or abnormal situation. 
Military Spec. Battery with 7 years life.
Automatic detecting on Low battery Tire Sensor to remind the driver to change the tire sensor. 
Exclusive Rapidly Tire Deflate warning system to be easier be acknowledged tire information. 
Adjustable for Front and Rear Tire's higher or lower pressure : You can set a press index as yourself, if the press inside of tire is lower or higher than your setting ,it will alarm.. 
Adjustable on High Tire Temperature warning unit (60 ~ 99 C).

Separate Valve stem design, no need to change the tire sensor while change the valve stem. 


Specifications :

1. Car black box function :
Cmos digital sensor 0.3-5megal pixel ;
Video resolution : VGA 640X480
Angle : 90-120 degree ;
Frame : 25-30fps ;
Recording time : 3 mins / file ;
Video format : MP4 / AVI ( optional )
Photo : JPG ;
Size : 1600X1200 ;
Language in menu : No , mainly to recgonise the functions by icons .
2. GPS Navi :
CPU : ARM9 533Mhz ;
GPS : SiRF3  ;
GPS antenna : Built-in
Memory : 128MB SDRAM
Micro SD card : Up to 32GB  support ;
External USB : Support to add external USB flash disk .
LCD : 4.3" touch 480x272 pixel

3. Tire Sensors Specification: 
Battery life: About 7 years, under normal condition.
Battery Voltage: 3.6 V
Storage Temperature:  -40C to 125 C
Operation Temperature: -40 C to 115 C
Transmitting power:  Max 5dBm
Operation Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Pressure Monitoring Range: 0 ~ 600 kPa (or0 ~ 87 psi or 0 ~ 6 bar)
Pressure Reading Accuracy: +10 kPa (or +1 psi or +0.1 bar)
Temperature Monitoring Range: -40C  to 115C

Temperature Reading Accuracy: +4C in normal environmental condition.
Weight: 35.2g + 1g 

How to install the sensor :

4. Receiver Specification
Operation Voltage: DC 9V ~ 16V
Normal Operation Current: less than 200mA 
Storage Temperature Range: -40C to 90 C
Operation Temperature Range: -30C to 85 C
Tire Pressure Reading Range0 ~ 600 kPa
Temperature Reading Range:  -40 C to 115 C

Just need to connect it to the car black box GPS NAVI by USB to display tire TP conditions :

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