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Name: SD card DVR camera
Brand: SUPER
Model:  SVR-333
Launch:  2011-7-23
View: 1293
Selling point of product : 

1. DIY CCTV , 
2. PIR  Camera ;
3. Star Recording as long as it connected to power .
IR LED up to 20000Hours for life .

5. Support motion detection with cycled recording ;

5. Easy to install ,just need to provide power , no  need to buy hundreds of cables for it and fix on wall  .

6. Economic and substantial ,
7. Support USP power supply , the file can be saved even the power us cut off ;

8. Can replay directly,no need software to compress JPG picture to video .
9. 4GB memory supports to record about 20 hours at 640X480 ( under dummy mode ). If ou set to use CIF,it can support more longer time .
10. 4GB TF card for option .

Dome dVR 4.jpg
Dome dVR 3.jpg
Dome dVR 2.jpg
Dome dVR 1.jpg

Processor : Micro-processor ARM9 32-bit microprocessor core
Operating System Embedded System
3GP encoding
Signal :Digital Signal
Resolution : VAG (640 * 480)  / CIF 352X288  
Minimum illumination :  0.1lux/f1.2
White Balance Backlight White Balance, Auto Back Light Compensation
Lens: 3.6mm
all-weather monitoring function (with 30 frames per second for video recording  )
30 million-pixel high-definition camera  1 / 4 "CMOS image sensor
Support real time and time adjusting function
support the flash 1-16GB 

24 pcs of IR LED with distanct 5-15 meters 
120 ° rotation angle full swing
System Configuration microsoft win98 SE/ME/2000/XP/vista/win7 other systems
Suitable for family occasions, shops, supermarkets, schools, offices, public facilities, driving records, etc.
Exterior plastic housing
power supply DC5v/1A
Operating temperature of minus 10 degrees -60 degrees
Operating humidity 95% RH
Weight 175 g
size : 8.5X8.5X8cm around
Accessories CD-ROM (including manual), power supply, 

the cable in picture is USB cable , for connecting to power or PC . 
real-time surveillance video / motion detection:
Product will enter into the real-time video ( normal recording mode ) surveillance  video loop VGA (640 * 480) /   mode after power is connected . Supports CIF 352X288 too .
Under motion detection mode, if a scene is changed before the camera ,the camera will start a normal video recording mode  .  And if the scene keeps unchanged or nobody moved before camera for 2 minutes , the camera will turn back to dummy mode automatically .  !!!!

1. Normal recording means the record with poeple moved before camera , the vedio size is about 10MB/ 100 seconds ( 640X480);
2. Dummy record mode means that when no body moved or no scene changing before camera , the camera will record the video in a very small size , it is about 480MB / 5 hours ( under 640X480 ), according to this data , so we see it can support to record 20 hours for 4GB card . Also it may has a little difference for your own test, please accept if any difference .
3. The camera will record video continuingly without any stop and save video 30 minutes every time .

Image Storage:
Recorded video file will be named ass: date + time (the time to start recording the time), user quickly find the time to look at video.

Video playback:
When connected to a computer, the display will be as a removable disk, you can find any time any image playback. After camera is c
onnected into computer, double click on removable disk, enter the \ VIDEO \ RECORD video , then select the appropriate folder with the appropriate clip  to play .

The camera record in night as below :
With light on in room


Without light at all in full darkness ,but with IR LED on ,and distance is 5 m.
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