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Name: Voice transmitter for mini earpiece
Brand: SUPER
Model:  VTMT-ST968
Launch:  2014-11-11
View: 231

1. GSM 900 frequency
2. SOS function can save 2 first calling numbers ,
3. Size :80mm*40mm*16mm
4. 2 ways talking function ,receive calls from other telephone .

SIM card slot :

Wire with MIC and voice transmitting function :

Best position for clipping MIC head is collar ( it will provide very good voice for your mini earpiece ) :

Note : this is a voice transmitting device only , usually you need to buy a wireles mini earpiece .

This product does not have an english manual , so please refer to below simple instruction :

When using the ST-968 product, the first to open the battery cover, put a valid SIM card into the slot and install battery .

Power on: Press the POWER button for 5 seconds, the red light flashes slowly  .

Shutdown: Press the POWER button for 5 seconds, the red light is off .

BATTERY: red flash indicates need to be charged.

Off state Charging: red light does not light, blue light.

On state Charge: Slow red flashing ,blue lights.

Off state charging is completed, the red light blue light goes out.

Under Caller ID display or calling , the blue light  flashing.


Removed storde phone numbers, press 1SOS key 5 seconds, the blue light  flashes means to delete a phone number, press the button for 5 seconds 2SOS  flash  blue light have been erased two phone numbers.

Volume Adjustment: Press 2SOS key during a call to increase the volume, press 1SOS decrease the volume.

Hook: Press POWER key to return to standby.

Compatible with NOKIA-5C lithium battery or charger 5PIN.

Be sure to remove the SIM card when this organ machine, so as not to damage the SIM card.

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